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Born in Paterson, New Jersey, Bleek fell in love with hip-hop at a young age. Being so close to the birthplace of the genre, he fell in love with the culture and hasn't looked back since. Coming from a rough part of town, he maintained a unique style and perspective which made him stand out amongst peers. Bleek started rapping at the age of 14 drawing influences from some of the best Emcees to touch the mic such as e.g. and Jadakiss. Following his mother on a move to Atlanta, he met a friend Kadeem Campbell a.k.a. “Bless” with whom he credits for brightening up his rap skills and later started a group called D.M.G. Fast forward to his high school years when rapping became more than a hobby, he met a friend and now crew member "Gbox Da Smoke" who took his talent as serious as he did, and both decided to make the dream bigger than what it was. Taking on the name Emcee Bleek, they recorded music together with a goal to achieve new hieghts in music that they knew they deserved. With his message and unique skills, Emcee Bleek is bound to hold a spot in hip-hop.

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68th East !2th St.

Paterson Nj, 07524

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Tel: 862-271-7560

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