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Audio Engineer


Ray is not your everyday engineer. he has produced for the likes of fetty wap and  other local paterson legends. he's been producing on fruityloops for 6 years and his experience in the software shows through his work. playing on the drumline at the young age of 15, you can tell Ray has a deep understanding of rhythm. he has grassroots in producing relevant, timeless music. he's been spending his time in ripe studios for the last 3 years as an audio engineer. 

instrumental curration

Ray will produce speciallized beats custom to your liking. 

he charges $135 per 1 hour  beat session plus 50% of the backend (royalties + publishing)

IF the beat isn't finished in the allotted time your finished beat will be sent to you within the following 3 days of the session via email.

Artist's attendance is required in-studio for each session

Tropical Leaves

the producer

My Music

Small Strokes

Audio Engineering References

Hip Hop



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